The Circus

Along a street of grey and rust red warehouses, cracked pavements and open air parking, one building stands out: Encrusted with moving neon lions leaping through hoops and glittering marquees with brightly colored posters of acrobats, clowns and elephants, The Circus is the hot new club in northern Industrial Bay. Its the place to come for many happening young entrepreneurs and “businessmen” of Industrial Bay, and it aims to please.

On its face, the Circus is a nightclub, with music, exotic dancing, and a lot of drinks to do around. Below the surface, its mostly the same. The dancing is a bit more exotic, the music, a lot wilder, the drinks, more different. Its not a brothel, but if you know who to ask, you can meet with some of the dancers for private entertainment. Clowns, contortionists and mimes may not be everyone’s kink, but if they’re yours, you know where to find them.

Inside the club there is a literal three ring circus. Striped walls and canvas sheets, popcorn machines and sawdust give it an air of authenticity. One ring is set up as a circular bar, where identical quintuplets serve drinks to the many patrons. A second ring is for the Circus’s dancers and acrobats to perform for the audience. A third ring is a dance floor where many shake their stuff all night long. There is even a “Freaks Gallery,” filled with private rooms and private dancers, available for rent by the half-hour.

Some of the “Freaks” even seem to be genuine circus freaks. You can sometime see a bearded lady, twin ventriloquists or a man with wings and horns, and even stranger things.

Presiding over it all is the club’s founder and owner, Gregory “Ringmaster” Rathbone (wiki). A tall, imposing man, Gregory"Ringmaster"Rathbone (character sheet) is never anything except polite and courteous to his guests and demanding of excellence from his performers. While at the club as host and Master of Ceremonies, he favors a black tophat and red velvet coat with gold piping. Black leather boots and a whip on his hip complete the costume, as does an outrageous handlebar mustache which he removes at the end of every night. He just recently moved “The Circus” from its old location to the much larger, much nicer current location. Its unclear where he got the money or the zoning permit to renovate the new “Circus” but everyone agrees, its a definite step up from the rat trap where he and his crew used to perform.

Its obvious Rathbone intends to be a player, but its not quite clear yet what his game is. Maybe he’s just an old circus hand intent on making a name as a entertainment impresario, and maybe its something more.

The Circus

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