Gregory 'Ringmaster' Rathbone

Day lewis Gregory"Ringmaster"Rathbone is the owner, proprietor, and Ringmaster of the Circus, Industrial Bay’s hottest new club. He is a performer first and foremost, playing the part of the Ringmaster to the hilt. His handlebar mustache is huge, black, and curled so tight you can hang small items off of it. It can also be removed. In fact, he has a selection of mustaches that he wears from time to time.

While “in character” as “The Ringmaster”, Rathbone dresses in a red velvet coat with tails and gold piping, knee length black leather boots, a tall black top hat, and a whip. When going about his regular business, he dispenses with most of the accoutrement of the role, and prefers jeans and old sweatshirts. However, when he is at the club, even when it is closed, he considered himself working and in character.

Rathbone was born and grew up in Occo city. He studied science and metallurgy, and when he left school he started a club with an old pal, Veronique. That club was also called the circus, but it wasn’t much of a club. Recently, he managed to scrounge enough cash together to open a new Circus club in Industrial Bay. Four times as big, infinitely glitzier, the new Circus is a real circus. The only mystery is why, in all of Occo City, he chose Industrial Bay as the place to put a nightclub.

Its worked, however, as the Circus has boomed and Rathbone is being courted as the next big impresario in the neighborhood.

Gregory 'Ringmaster' Rathbone

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