Owner, The Circus Club


This way! This way! Step smart, friends! Step right up and have a seat! Front row, sir? You have excellent taste! Quince, here, will take your drink order, and Quince over there will pour them. Ah, I see you’ve noticed Veronique! She is an excellent dancer! You’ll want to stick around for the finale, I’m sure, she’s doing Leda AND the Swan. Welcome, Madame! May I take your coat? Allow me to introduce you to Ink. Flex those muscles, Ink, let the ladies feel. I’m sure you will get along splendidly. Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to the Circus! I am the Ringmaster, and tonight we will entertain you, we will titillate you! We might even shock you if you haven’t had enough to drink! So take a seat, grab a drink, and let the show begin!


Owner and proprietor of “The Circus”, Industrial Bay’s hottest new night club for the adventurous (or the jaded). “Ringmaster” Rathbone has assembled a crew of freaks, geeks, and exotiques to delight and amaze the senses, and does Tuesday through Saturday at his club (private performances by arrangement). He also dabbles a bit in alchemy and metallurgy, although no one is sure to what purpose. Be sure though that, if you have money, he would love your patronage, and no matter what your tastes, The Circus will probably have something for you! His mustache may be fake, but he is the genuine article.


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